Dear users of the SafeDNS content filtering service!

Take a close look at the complete guide on how to set up and use the SafeDNS service. In it you will find answers to the most common questions that arise when using SafeDNS. With the help of this guide you can easily configure internet filtering on any device, learn how to efficiently use additional features, a filtering schedule and separate filtering policies, as well as find answers to key questions about buying a license and extending the SafeDNS service.


1. What is SafeDNS and what it is made for

2. How to set up content filtering

3. Blocking categories of websites

4. Black and White lists

5. Additional features

6. Botnets, Phishing and Virus propagation

7. Profiles

8. Schedule

9. Customizing appearance of the service

10. Statistics

11. Local resources

12. Active Directory and Administrators

13. Other modes of service

14. Pricing policy

15. Technical support

16. Clearing DNS cache

Download SafeDNS Content Filtering Service Guide [PDF, 2.9 Mb]

SafeDNS Team hopes this guide is useful for you and helps to solve your issues. If you have not found answer to your questions in this guide, please contact SafeDNS Support.

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