This guide shows how to install ddclient software in case you have a Dynamic IP address and your router does not have a Dynamic DNS feature.

1. Redirect your DNS requests to our DNS server.

You need to change your network settings as described in the SafeDNS setup guide on Windows 10 to start using our DNS.

2. Install and configure ddclient software

Install ddclient (download link)

Click "Next" until your reach the "Select Dynamic DNS server" window (see screenshot below).

In the "Client hostname" field, enter any preferred name.

In the "Dynamic DNS server" field, enter

In the "Connection" field, select HTTPS

In the “Dynamic DNS protocol” field, leave dyndns2
In the "Dynamic DNS username" field, enter your SafeDNS account login
In the "Dynamic DNS password" field, enter your SafeDNS account password

Continue clicking "Next" until the setup process is finished.

After installation, you can check if the IP address is successfully bound to service in the ddclient.log file. There should be a line like this:

SUCCESS:  updating mycomputername: good: IP address set to

On Windows 10 you can find the log file here:

  • C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Local\ddclient.log

On Windows 7:

On Windows XP:

If the log file is correct, the DD Client table in Dashboard > Settings > Devices (link) will be updated automatically.

!Please note that settings take 5-7 minutes to apply.

!Stats and filtering status update hourly.