If you are using a Dovado Wi-Fi router, you can easily set the SafeDNS filtering service on it since there is a SafeDNS module in the router firmware.

To enable the filtering follow these steps:

1. Open your browser and go to your router’s control panel

2. Log in with your credentials (admin and password by default) and go to the Parental control tab in the left menu.

3. Click on Settings in the top menu.

4. Check the box Enable SafeDNS, enter your SafeDNS credentials and click on the Save settings button.

Done! You can see that everything is correct by the status message on your right.

Please, mind that all devices connected to this Wi-Fi router will be filtered by Default profile. If you need to apply specific profiles to some devices on this Wi-Fi network you can do this by binding MAC addresses of these devices to the necessary profiles. Check out an instruction on how to do it. 

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