SafeDNS, An Alternative To DNSFilter


How SafeDNS compares to DNSFilter

Filtering capabilities

DNSFilter is a great threat protection and DNS filtering vendor, SafeDNS too, as SafeDNS does exactly that and provides cloud-based web filtering and awesome customer support in addition throughout your web filtering setup.

Network stats and Uptime

Like DNSFilter, SafeDNS offers its network stats in real-time, and adversely to most competitors, SafeDNS’s DNS servers average uptime is at 99.999% due to its 13 data centers around the world.


DNSFilter has an in-house Artificial Intelligence(AI) web scanner, and Webshrinker to categorize URLs, in real-time. SafeDNS does have the same features, but apart from AI, it has Machine Learning (ML) added to that, which makes SafeDNS web categorization extremely robust.

Made-to-order Filtering Module

Adding value to products and services is what drives all businesses. DNSFilter does that obviously with the solutions they offer; however, SafeDNS takes it a notch further by offering the possibility to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to integrate its Filtering Module in their products to generate more revenue, how cool!

Easy to deploy and use

DNSFilter’s Policy customization can be custom-made uniquely to each device, group, or an entire network. SafeDNS too offers that but in a more in-depth and one-click fashion. What’s more, SafeDNS offers you the possibility to apply different filtering rules to users in your network even when they all connected via the same IP address, amazing right?

White labeling

DNSFilter allows other service providers to resell their products to end-users with no mention of DNS’s brand. Their dashboard, roaming applications, and emails turn into yours, which adds value to your products and boost your image. SafeDNS also gives you all those advantages in a more detailed and comprehensive manner.

An in-depth comparison of features between SafeDNS and DNSFilter

Features SafeDNS DNSFilter

Cloud-based web filtering

White labeling for resellers

Per-user report

Friendly WiFi Certified

Filtering in a network with local resources

Internet usage reporting

Stable and Global Network

Roaming client hostname sync


Fault tolerance system

AI-based domain categorization

✓ + ML

24/7 support

Enterprises Only

Content categories

61 46

Trial Period

15 days 14 days

IPv6 resolver

Customizable Filtering module for OEM

Total savings for Enterprise plan - $1,9 per user

SafeDNS Enterprise pricing starts at $0.8/user. And DNSFilter Enterprise plan starts at $2.7/user.

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