Deal registration is essential for you to get additional reseller discount

Tell us about your deal opportunity so we could evaluate it within 1 business day for an approval or rejection.

You will get a response from us with a deal approval or rejection of your registration application with comments on our decision. 

Once the application is approved, deal protection will be valid for 45 calendar days. During this period, you should update your SafeDNS manager on the deal status, at least every 15 days.

Once the 45 days period is over, we can extend deal protection for another 30 calendar days with a legitimate justification for an extention.

SafeDNS Pre-Sale Engineer and Support will help the reseller with the registered deals.

In case a deal is not registered, the partner gets no additional reseller discount.

Deal protection is necessary to prevent a situation in which channel partners have to compete against one another or SafeDNS Sales.

With a deal registration, partners can work with a client without having to worry about another company trying to offer the same SafeDNS product at a lower price.

The deal registration lowers the chance of poaching the lead once the partner has brought us into the discussion.

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