SafeDNS, An Alternative To CleanBrowsing


How SafeDNS compares to CleanBrowsing


Contrarily to SafeDNS, CleanBrowsing does not have whitelabeling for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). We know the impact of whitelabeling on your revenue flows and its value to your brand image.

Amazing Support

No additional fees for our support team available 24/7 for all types of users. Any question, any time and from any place, we are always glad to help you.

Domain Categorization

SafeDNS domain categorization is in-house built, and AI- and ML-powered. We even give the possibility to people to check which category a website belongs to.

Made-to-order Filtering Module

Adding value to products and services is what drives all businesses. CleanBrowsing does that obviously with the solutions they offer; however, SafeDNS takes it a notch further by offering the possibility to OEM to integrate its Filtering Module in their products to generate more revenue, how cool!

An in-depth comparison of features between SafeDNS and CleanBrowsing

Features SafeDNS CleanBrowsing

Cloud-based web filtering

Per-user report

Filtering in a network with local resources

Internet usage reporting

Stable and Global Network

Friendly WiFi Certified


Fault tolerance system

Domain categorization


Desktop roaming client

Windows & Linux Windows & Mac

Trial Period

15 days

24/7 support

Roaming client hostname sync

White labeling for resellers

Customizable Filtering module for OEM

Total savings for Basic plan - $40.04

SafeDNS pricing starts at $19.95. And CleanBrowsing plan starts at $59.99.

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