Welcome to the SafeDNS blog! On this page we will speak about things that are important for our users, explains terms and phenomena which may not be entirely clear to people who are no tech geeks. We are glad to share with you everything we know about web content filtering, internet security and other related matters. 


Why Your School Needs Web Filtering Right Now

Check out the 7 reasons to deploy web filtering in your school and how to make sure that it does the job you hire it for (continue reading)


How DNS Filtering Can Help Your MSP Business Rise

Learn how MSP can grow its business and increase its revenue flow by using the multiple opportunities DNS filtering delivers, what to pay attention to when choosing a web filtering solution (continue reading)


Why Your Business Must Use Web Filtering

Take a look at why it's imperative for any business - large, medium and small - to use web filtering, how it contributes to organizations' internet safety and employees' productivity and what other benefits a web filter can bring your business (continue reading). 


How to Protect WiFi Hotspots at Cafes

Learn why cafe owners and managers should protect their public WiFi against cyber threats and dangerous content, what the best filtering technique for this purpose is and what the owners and managers should pay attention to when choosing a filtering solution (continue reading)


DNS Filtering At a Glance

In this blog post we will tell you what DNS and DNS filtering is, what you need DNS filtering for, how it works and how you benefit with DNS filtering (continue reading). 


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