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Allow or deny access to any apps such as Skype, Zoom, Slack etc.

AppBlocker is now available

The number of cyber attacks is growing and you need a full control over you network security. AppBlocker is here to help you to block access to applications that are not approved to reduce the risk of losing sensitive data, hacking accounts and malware infection.

The plethora of apps

Choose out of 80+ available apps, arranged in 11 global groups for easier surfing: Cybersecurity related, File sharing, Ecosystem applications etc.

Control apps your team uses

AppBlocker is most useful for businesses with remote employees, to make sure data is shared only within ecosystems and apps authorized for your team.

Block all domains

Using AppBlocker, you can deny access to all the domains associated to a service.

Detailed stats

Receive detailed statistic reports on the apps which are used or any cybersecurity incidents.

  • Applications categories to block or allow

  • Applications categories to block or allow


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