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Cloud-based filtering

Cloud-based DNS security

Easy to use

Easy to use

The intuitive interface allows everyone to figure out the essential functions of SafeDNS and use the dashboard with maximum efficiency.

Secure & safe

Secure & safe

Our web filtering solution blocks unwanted sites at the DNS layer and from the cloud, rife with all the dangerous Internet threats.

Powered by AI & ML

Powered by AI & ML

SafeDNS categorization is the only web filtering solution since 2015 that combines AI and Machine Learning to protect your networks.

The protection your business deserves

Prevent all threats to your network before they reach
your devices with the most important level of network protection. Security of your company in one click in our cloud solution for SMBs.

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Powerful AI & ML

Our categorization has been successfully working since 2015 & combines AI and Machine Learning to protect your network. Give it a try now – put any website in and let our AI do the work.

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Content filtering

Filter out all unwanted or inappropriate resources of different categories, such as pornography, violence, hate or racism, weapons, alcohol and drugs, gambling and other content categories you may choose. Our database contains information on over 109 million websites (covering billions of webpages) divided into 61 categories and is constantly growing thanks to AI & machine learning.

Instant filtering deployment

Zero cost implementation and free tech support make the installation as easy as it can be. It takes a couple of minutes to deploy & start filtering your internet. You need no IT background or special training needed to manage it.

Cybersecurity solution

Our web content filtering solution blocks access to resources with malware, viruses, ransomware, malicious & phishing websites. This way, you get zero chance of entering a website that might be of harm. We block access to malware content and dangerous websites right before it reaches your device.


Use maximum efficiency with Anycast protocols based on DNS, a highly scalable distributed network able to accommodate any number of users and provides fast response worldwide with no latency.

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Detailed reporting

Receive visual comprehensive reports about the domain names of resources visited by your staff, students, clients or family. See what categories are popular and change up your filtering policies accordingly, if needed. Daily, weekly, and monthly general & detailed internet usage stats.

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Customer reviews

Troy F.


There are lots of DNS based security products out there. Safedns does a great job of making DNS based administration quick and easy. Safedns also does a great job of allowing administrators to define a list of allowed sites and deny everything else. Some of the big players in this space surprisingly don’t have this functionality.

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